The role of artificial intelligence in our daily lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are becoming more and more popular across a range of industries, including the financial, automotive, healthcare, and security sectors. Due to the increased need for information efficiency, globalisation, and business digitisation, the commercialisation of AI is accelerating. AI is fully incorporated into our daily lives as well. We use AI more often than we realise, from voice assistants like Alexa and Siri to face recognition to unlock our mobile phones.

Diverse applications of AI
AI has a lot of promise to help the manufacturing sector. The future belongs to intelligent, self-improving devices that automate industrial processes, foresee efficiency losses, enable predictive maintenance, improve planning, and detect quality flaws. Digital textbooks are being used in the education industry, early-stage virtual tutors are helping human teachers, and facial analysis is being used to better understand the emotions of the students. Additionally, AI can make it possible for kids with disabilities to attend inclusive global classrooms.

AI in recruitment
The major role that artificial intelligence is currently playing in the hiring process is demonstrated by the fact that an automated applicant tracking system, or ATS, already rejects up to 75% of resumes before they are even examined by a human.

More jobs are expected to demand knowledge of AI or machine learning and its application in your area of specialisation within the next five years. If you want to progress your career or make your professional profile more competitive, AI is a fantastic area to focus on given that it will have such broad effects across a variety of industries.

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