Flexible Workspace: The Future of Work

W Room

A flexible workspace can also be referred to as a shared office space or flexispace. They are in demand after COVID-19 because they offer mobility, flexibility, affordability, and productivity. They enable workers to work from anywhere and anytime and also cut down on commuting and health risks. The professionals can adjust their workspace according to their needs and preferences, avoiding long-term leases and fixed costs. They can pay only for what they use, saving money on rent, utilities, and overhead. And they can enjoy a professional and comfortable environment that enhances their performance and well-being. Flexible workspaces are the future of work in a fast-paced world.

Who can use the facilities at Flexible Workspace?

Gig workers and freelancers, consultants, or contractors who work on short-term projects or tasks. Women employees: working women who need a safe, convenient, and flexible workspace near their homes or families.

MNC employees: employees of multinational corporations who work remotely or travel frequently across different locations or markets.

IT/ITES companies: companies that provide information technology or IT-enabled services, such as software development, web design, data processing, or customer support.

Infopark to open flexible workspace in Kochi Metro station.

Recently, Infopark and Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create a flexible workspace in Ernakulam South Metro Station, ensuring easy access and connectivity. This project will offer premium and co-working models with mobility and amenities. This project will generate 500 jobs and boost the IT industry. The Flexible Workspace in Kochi Metro Station has been building 39,880 sq ft of space across six floors. They will offer premium and co-working models with IT and office facilities, a pantry, event space, and parking.

‘The W Room’, an existing coworking space that has been created on the second floor in the Thapasya Building situated at Phase 1 of Infopark Kochi, offers a fully equipped workspace to start working immediately without the hassle of setting up an office. The W Room also facilitates collaboration and networking among the co-workers, as they can interact with other professionals and exchange ideas and feedback.


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