Yummy Aid, a Food festival where employees set up Food stalls, and sells various home-made dishes that are sold out through these stalls. The event is also conducted as a culinary contest to induce competitive spirit and challenge for participating teams. UST Global centre at Infopark organised a culinary fete, Yummy Aid 2014, under the auspices of UST Global’s Network of Women Ussociates (NowU). Yummy Aid, the annual fund raiser event, saw UST Global employees set up food stalls and sell home-made dishes. An amount of ₹65,000 generated from the event was handed over to the UST Global Welfare Fund. The profit generated from the event is spent on charities supported by UST Global that promotes social projects that focuses on Women Empowerment in the community. UST Global’s ‘Network of Women USsociates’ (NOWU) was formed to facilitate gender inclusion in UST. NowU has become an effective platform through which women are supported, encouraged, strengthened and inspired to make the most of NOW.

The Yummy Aid 2014 was conducted in Kochi on 25th August and the passion and excitement of the associates was worth witnessing as always. Executive Chef Rajeev Menon and Business Development Manager Mervin Mathew from Crowne Plaza, Kochi, were the Judges for this year’s Yummy Aid. Close to 20 teams which consisted of 200 employees contested for the titles of ‘Best Stall’ and ‘Best Dish’ during the event. The stalls were set up in three locations of UST facility at Infopark -  and put together, they catered to over 700 employees of the organization. Fancy team names like ‘Eruvum Puliyum Pinne Madhuravum’, ‘Goodies for Foodies’, ‘Cheenachatty’, ‘Sasi’s Chayakkada’, ‘CATz in Kitchen’ added to the flavor of the Food Festival! From spicy Biriyani’s to mouth-watering sea food dishes, from tempting desserts to refreshing juices the food was a blend of flavors from various parts of India and catered to almost all kind of food lovers.

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