Infopark Koratty is heading towards that fresh beginning it has been preparing for. The construction works of the bulidings are to be completed by December and the IT platform will be handed over to companies as announced by Minister for IT and Industries, P.K. Kunjhalikutty. Park’s main structure has been built on 3.3 lakh sq.ft with eight floors offering all kind of infrastructure facilities to its inmates.

Inorder to ensure independent supply of drinking water, Infopark is fast moving with its water cleaning treatment plant under the water authority department. Construction of KSEB sub station, centralized air conditioning systems and roads with drainage systems are fast progressing alongside. Even though pipes have been made ready for water supply, water tank construction has started only a few days before which is progressing fast. The authorities are heading towards finishing the works in the allotted time of 12 months. Construction work on KSEB substation and generator which is aimed to conserve the usage of electricity is progressing vividly.

After completing the first part of the project, Infopark can readily offer jobs to 3000 graduates. Koratty Infopark is in the direction of being one of the major IT parks in the country wide opening an arena of opportunities to thousands.


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