The legal formalities of getting a company registered are eased down with the policies and terms of National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom). As Nasscom, the premier IT industry body threw open the doors of its Startup Warehouse, an accelerator-cum-incubator in Infopark campus, the young entrepreneurs are getting ready to sow their business in the perfect environment. NASSCOM conducted their first session in the year 2015 enabling the student and start-up communities to explore the functions of the warehouse and understand its benefits.

“The session helped us to understand how to be qualified for admission into the warehouse and the mentoring we can expect there,” said Noble George, one of the entrepreneurs to turn up at the warehouse. At present, six start-ups are incubating at the warehouse while 40-odd applications are pending for admission. It would be vetted and the selected applicants would be invited for a pitch-in session before the five-member warehouse committee. The industry was upbeat about the Nasscom facility and the benefits it would be accrued of it.

Mukund Krishna, CEO of Infopark-based Company Suyati, who is closely associating with the warehouse, said that companies could play a strong mentoring role and help these budding entrepreneurs with funding or at least seed capital. They can also extend the technological support to scale up their business. Besides, it helps attract good talents. Jijo John, CEO of Calpine Group, said that the facility proved to be a mutually beneficial mechanism both for the industry and for the young entrepreneurs. “The industry can benefit by drawing from the enthusiasm of these young minds,” he said. Shilen Sagunan, a prominent IT consultant, however, said that despite the branding of Kerala as a start-up hub and unprecedented support of the government, the numbers and results are not along the expected lines.


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