Lulu Group to invest Rs 350 crore in Infopark

Leveraging the impressive IT growth and investment climate at InfoparkKochi, the Lulu Group has decided to invest Rs 350 crore to further develop the L&T Tech Park which they recently acquired for Rs 150 crore. #Infopark luluhas become a perfect destination for investment. The Lulu Group, owned by NRI businessman M A Yusuf Ali, has acquired the L&T Tech Park at Infopark campus. Lulu is proposing a name change for L&T Tech Park as Lulu Tech Park Limited on ROC approval.

Currently, L&T has a four lakh sqft IT building called Tejomaya in its 7.44 acre campus at Infopark. The project, on completion, is expected to create an additional employment of 13,000 to 15,000.

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