KMA’s IT Leadership Conclave

KMA’s IT Leadership Conclave – Lecture Series was inaugurated by Mr. P. H. Kurian IAS, Principal Secretary IT, Government of Kerala. The first lecture of the series was given by Mr. L. C. Sing, Vice Chairman & Founder CEO of Nihilent Technologies Inc. and the felicitations were given by Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, CEO of Infopark Cochin. In his inaugural address, Mr. P. H. Kurian IAS praised the IT sector and suggested that in the last two decades business in Kerala has become more ethical because of the IT revolution. He stated that the biggest hurdle in promoting IT in Kerala is that private sector has not been allowed to bring in the infrastructure required. He said in another 5 years we will see an exodus of Malayali IT workers to Kerala. In 2002 the government of Kerala launched the Akshaya Centers and the IT Foundation schools which has made Kerala a digitally enabled society. He said by 2017-2018 all the government offices in Kerala will be digitally connected, thus shi

fting the burden of proof from citizens to the government departments. He also suggested this strategy will promote equitable development in Kerala.

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