Kids Day care centre now fully operational at Infopark

A Day Care Centre for the children of the working professionals at Infopark Kochi, developed by the Government of Kerala. Located in a quiet corner of the Infopark campus, the Govt. Of Kerala owned infrastructure is managed by SYDNEY MONTESSORI SCHOOLS. The building is approximately 6100 sq.ft which can accommodate up to 160 kids.

The Child day care is a centre for play – based learning for students upto six years of age. In preschools, the goal is to help children develop their cognitive and emotional skills, as well as expand their social skills. A stimulating environment can motivate a child and allow him to gather complex sensory, emotional and intellectual experiences.

The project acquires its meaning and relevance from the visual horizon of a child. Abstract use of elemental forms, creating a composition that is both harmonious and vibrant. Shapes, scale, colour and texture are designed to be suitable for both the children and the adults that occupy the space. Key architectural features are distinct sight lines at child height, clear circulation through the space, design elements that capture a child’s imagination and get them thinking.

Timings: Morning 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

 For admissions contact:


Sydney Montessori Schools

Infopark Kochi

Mob: 9388708243

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