Infopark Koratty; The true IT destination

Koratty, home for the Infopark Thrissur is a locale that also packs in some real entertainment. Along with providing easy access to the cities like Kochi, Thrissur and the Cochin International Airport the spot has to be noted for the wide variety of entertainment options that could well make your weekend an extremely enjoyable one. The major one among them are the cine theatres deposited at various locations around the place. They are sure to serve a movie buff’s delight and also bring in an aura of sophistication to the fast progressing milieu.
Accessibility remains as the place’s major high point while the hype surrounding the destination has shot by notches with the major hub of Infopark buzzing it, It has managed to keep at bay the humdrum that at times disrupts the city lives. The location’s aesthetic core remains intact even as development is zooming ahead at a remarkable pace.
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