Infopark Koratty, redefining the IT environment


Infopark, the first successful ‘hub and spoke’ model in the state is one of the leading sources of IT power in the country. It’s beyond a mere cosmos of IT intelligence, the Park provides everything towards an elegant lifestyle and hence captured the tag of a smart space.

The global vista of an IT environment has settled down to three different spots of our state, namely ‪#‎Kochi ‪#‎Cherthala and ‪#‎Thrissur where Kochi acts as the Hub for the Spokes Cherthala and Thrissur.

At a single glance, Koratty Infopark seems like a typical holiday inn or a perfect center for recreation. Hardly a stranger will conclude this awesome place as a smart space of IT intelligence.
Infopark ‪#‎Thrissur has undoubtedly redefined the meaning, texture and essence of an IT hub with its varied environment, which can provide excellent amenities, any 21st century most modern infrastructure can promise. Even in this tranquil environment, we find highly sophisticated and advanced technology in all its terms. That’s why thousands flood to this amazing IT space. In sharp contrast to a techy life  often portrayed as dried and deceased, here nothing can pull you from a career and workplace as lively as sketching a painting or composing a music. Yes the ambiance says it all.

Availability of skilled resources pool and economical workforce make this tech hub play a prominent role in the IT upsurge in the state and country level. Proximity to Cochin International Airport, National Highway and suburban space with urban amenities adds to its glory. Infopark ‪#‎Thrissur has redefined IT environment by working in perfect harmony with nature and forms a perfect destination to establish your business.

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