The key benefits of working from the office

It is a given that Covid 19 pandemic has made working remotely an increasingly popular option for professionals. As technology advances and more businesses adopt remote work policies, the number of people working from home or other remote locations is likely to continue rising. However, as the world slips into a new normal, we feel that working from the office has its own benefits.

Firstly, you have a sense of community, you can bounce ideas off your coworkers, and it’s easier to collaborate on projects. Here’s a look at the four key benefits of working from the office.

Better collaboration
Did you know that business owners and employees may benefit from on-site collaboration not only because it is more effective, but also because it could be more profitable. In a study published by marketing software developer HubSpot, remote meetings generate on average 10.43 ideas, while in-person meetings generate on average 13.36.

Team building
Communication and collaboration are essential to the success of a team, and remote communication tools can only take you so far. Face-to-face interaction fosters trust and increases productivity by 30%. And it also helps in building a team that is effective and efficient.

Enhance culture
Employees, managers, and leaders who are supportive of one another are part of good company culture. Creating a successful culture is not impossible when working remotely, but it is likely to be more difficult. Is it possible to build strong working relationships with people you ‘work with’ when you work 100% remotely?

Focus on mental health
During the COVID lockdowns, 42% of employed people reported suffering from their mental health more than usual. In a staggering 90% of cases, the Coronavirus had at least some impact on patients’ mental health. In addition, 41% of employed people said they felt more anxious and isolated than ever during the lockdown. A return to the office, has helped ease loneliness and related stress.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get back to the office!

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