Top Quantum Computing Applications

The shift from digital computing to quantum computing has been compared to the transition from fire to electric bulbs. With extensive advantages over the traditional computing methods, they are expected to revolutionise almost every field in terms of speed and accuracy. Let’s look at some of the most important applications of quantum computing.

Machine Learning

We don’t need to stress how artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed our lives for the better. Being one of the hottest fields to be working in right now, there have been significant increases in the applications due to the rise in chip capacity and processor power. Yet, as data availability is abundant and cheap, advancements in computational computation technology won’t keep up to the extent that it may take till the end of time to do some complex computation by the fastest computers in the world. 

Quantum computing can increase the speed manifold of computation and facilitate complex calculations in minutes. It is sure to change the field of finance and science as predictions and analyses can be made more accurately without room for error. 


Recent times have seen a significant increase in cyber-attacks around the globe, and privacy is a luxury most can’t afford in the digital age. Quantum computing can help us devise new techniques, methods and processes to make online space more secure. This has given rise to a particular branch called quantum cryptography. 

Financial Modelling

Computers have been used for decades to make intelligent decisions in the field of finance. Important financial models with a lot of data may take much valued time to arrive at a prediction. While handling money, it is imperative to be cautious and well informed of all the risks and analyse the data correctly. Quantum computing can help in financial modelling and algorithmic trading by reducing the time required drastically and with much more accuracy. 

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