What Exactly Is 5G Technology? How Will It Transform Our World?

Increased speed for data communication is not the only result of implementing 5G all over the world. With many countries adopting 5G faster than ever, there have been many kinds of speculations around the technology and its application. In short, 5G is about to revolutionise mobile communication and various fields of science and technology all at once. So, let’s break it down, starting from the basics.

Telecom operators have been extensively building nodes throughout cities to have better-paying customers in the early stage. 5G has been deployed in many countries with an idea in mind. It is to create a fast and has coverage enough to be able to perform a multitude of tasks apart from facilitating mobile communication. 

5G is expected to be extremely useful in these three areas. They are:

  • Low latency communication
  • Massive Machine Type Communication
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Once low latency communication is established, this will pave the way for advancement to many technologies in use today. Let’s take an example. Autonomous cars have reached a point where they see so much data that the processing power required for computation can be achieved only through dedicated computers at data centres. If low latency communication is established, there can be communication with hubs by each car to make informed decisions without having to analyse it themselves. 

Like traffic management, IoT can help machines automate daily vehicle congestion and pave the way for emergency vehicles. Not only that, there can be communication between cars to avoid accidents. 5G can also automate industrial processes with the help of low latency and reliable networks. 

There are also applications in AR and VR. Technicians and doctors can have long-distance communication with their clients and patients to advise through complicated procedures in real-time. Technicians can remotely see the overlay on the machine and see the faulty parts without being there physically.  The future is bright for 5G and is about to shine ever brighter.

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