Classic Examples of Cloud Computing that are keeping the world at our Fingertips

Cloud computing is an infrastructure that enables easy access to shared pools of storage, network, servers, and applications. It is also a software model that allows the data processing to be done on a private or third-party server cloud. It helps to create great speed and reliability. 

The most significant benefit of cloud computing is low maintenance, scalability, and easy installation. Kerala cloud computing services help through all these ways to grow with your needs. The other features of cloud computing include Optimal Server Utilization, On-Demand cloud services, Dynamic Scalability, and Virtualization Techniques. 

Now, let’s see the examples of cloud computing in the real world that makes our everyday work at our fingertips. 

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

The primary examples of cloud computing in healthcare are IBM Cloud and ClearDATA. With the help of cloud computing, all the doctors and medical professionals host the analyzed information and perform diagnostics remotely. It allows doctors to access medical data for faster prescriptions and updates globally. 

However, the healthcare application of cloud computing includes bioinformatics, E-health service, telemedicine, and public and personal healthcare. One can save on the cost through cloud computing by allowing instant large file transfer for maximum convenience. This will provide faster treatment and can update the patient’s condition through remote conferencing in seconds. 

Cloud Computing in Education

Cloud computing in education provides benefits to universities and colleges for higher learning. In COVID-19, cloud computing has helped a lot in education by providing online lectures to students. 

Google and Microsoft provide free services to the staff and students in various learning institutions for educating the students. Cloud computing services have been used in the hard times of COVID-19, and as a result, it improved efficiency and reduced costs.  The examples are Google App Education, Ratatype, SlideRocket, Amazon Web Services, and more. 

Cloud Computing for Government

The government uses cloud computing as IT consolidation, shared services, and citizen services. They deliver e-governance services to the citizen through cloud computing services. It has the technology to handle large transactions and help citizens to transfer a significant amount of money within seconds. 

Cloud Computing in Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail

Cloud computing is used as file storage, and the great advantage is it has an easy backup. It automatically synchronizes dropbox and allows the users to store files up to 1 TB with free storage of 1 TB. You get quick-to-call capabilities from social networking sites like Facebook through cloud computing and access to the instant messaging system. 

Cloud Computing in Business Process

All the emails occurring for business is cloud-based. SaaS has become an essential method for enterprises that includes Salesforce and HubSpot. The cloud service provider also includes ERP, CRM, and document management. 

Through this, many businesses’ processes are reliable and provide excellent services to their customers. This service is possible because data can be copied at multiple sites on cloud providers with the help of cloud computing. It efficiently fulfils the need for personalization. 

Cloud Computing for Big Data Analytics

Cloud computing helps data scientists analyze data patterns, insights, predictions, and help them in making correct decisions. Cassandra and Hadoop are the other open-source applications of cloud computing in big data analytics.  

As it is provided in clouds, businesses can deliver a large amount of structured and unstructured data in their possession. It helps the companies to make data integration for numerous resources easily. It provides the visualization to the companies that have implemented backup and disaster recovery solutions on the cloud. 

Hence, the above-listed examples of cloud computing make the world go at your fingertips with ease.   


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