Impacts of AI on Jobs in the Near Future

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As per the reports, the role of humans in the economy will shrink drastically with the increase in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation. However, now, Artificial Intelligence has not remained science fiction because it exists in the world by automating simple tasks. 

Although Artificial Intelligence improves our lives in many ways, there are notable concerns regarding its impact on human jobs. It is said that AI will wipe out millions of jobs shortly. Though this will create unemployment, it will also bring many other new opportunities for humans to sustain their lives. 

To bring more employment, the government, companies, and individuals need to understand the shift of AI before they plan for the future. The areas impacted by Artificial Intelligence are markets, business, government, education, employment models, and social welfare. 

This article will see the impacts and views of the future on the jobs amidst increasing AI capabilities. 

AI and its impact on the job

AI plays a significant role in the hiring process, so if you are hoping that the hiring manager will give you the benefits in your job, you might be in for a rude awakening. Through Automated Tracking Systems (ATS), 75% of the resumes are rejected before reaching human beings.    

Tasks are at risk. Monotonous tasks are easily automated, gradually making specific roles obsolete. It is related to customer care, call centre operation, discovery, retrieval, document classification, and content moderation, which are less based on human work and more on technology and automation. 

Moreover, in some factories and industries, humans are replaced by intelligent robots as they navigate space, move objects, or perform complex assembling operations. For those who require multiple signals, processing various movements, data stream, and accumulated knowledge in real-time, AI proves to be very effective in handling these complex activities. 

Other sectors impacted through AI

Professional drives will see a rapid drop in their skills due to changes in transportation already being in their transformation mode. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, a fully autonomous car will soon be a reality. It will be more effective, more sufficient, and safe. 

Apart from transportation, electronic commerce will also undergo a significant transformation. Robots will be navigating the space, and fulfilment centres will be fully automated. Robots will be used by Artificial Intelligence to collect products, execute customer orders, and also send or deliver the order to the customers automatically with autonomous drones or cars. 

The importance of salespersons and physical stores will also shrink. Based on different objectives, tactics, and strategies, Consumer AI agents negotiate with Retailer AI agents. Other than this, the traditional professions built through strong human relationships will also have a significant impact. 

Now, where humans manage all the specific support services in a legal context, AI agents can do a great job of document handling, classification, discovery, summarization, knowledge extraction, and management.  

AI will replace the sectors that require a significant amount of data processing and content handling. This also includes Financial Services and Insurance. Furthermore, it will substantially eliminate bureaucracy, improve citizen services, and design and perform social programs. 

All the working sectors and industries opt for these changes because Artificial Intelligence covers all the effectiveness with its algorithms. AI is proving itself to be faster, more accurate, more reliable, correct, and cheaper than the corresponding teams of humans. AI system can easily understand all the customer requests in a common language. 

Hence, as AI provides more benefits and works more effectively and accurately, an enormous impact on the job will be seen in upcoming years. 

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