Digital Delight

President Pranab Mukherjee to make an announcement, officially declaring Kerala as the first digital state in India.

Various factors such as wide scale Internet accessibility courtesy fibre optic cables, extensive internet usage, E-governance services through Internet has enabled the state to emerge digital. Earlier a district in the state, Idukki was pronounced to be digital, this big achievement is seen as a follow up to it. Technology has managed to seek a place in the daily life of Keralites, and the stunning facts too vouchsafe it.

A lot of credit for this success can be attributed to ‘Akshaya centres’ which started off in Malappuram and then went on to took the whole state by storm. The 2,500 Akshaya Centres that came up in all the districts, made the common man aware of basic internet browsing and e-mail usage.

The state has been at the forefront when it comes to the digital advancements, the E-Jilla project according to Principal IT secretary P.H Kurian helped Kerala get the first place among the states of India,in terms of digitalized transactions. Kerala has certainly truned over a new leaf, and the state where almost 9,000 ATM’s are in operation, in the coming years attempts to seek newer pastures and make the digital progress, complete.

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