Collector’s meeting with Infopark employee group on the Election awareness campaign.. 0n 07-04-2014

In order to ensure that IT professionals exercise their franchise in  Lok Sabha Polling, District Collector M G Rajamanickam visited the Infopark campus, Kakkanad . Addressing the professionals at an interactive session organised as part of Systemic Voter Education and Electoral Participation(SVEEP) campaign, the collector elaborated on the political importance of Info Park where around 20,000 voters work with various companies.Speaking at the function, Infopark CEO Rishikesh Nair reminded techies that election day is a public holiday therefore Infopark employees should cooperate with the election procedure.Replying to the queries of techies, the Collector pointed out  even the opportunity to as a question  was the success of democracy. “Development projects including Infopark, is the best example of victory of democracy, ‘’ he pointed out.

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