Cognizant booms in Infopark Kochi

India’s second largest IT company, Cognizant Technologies is booming at Kochi Infopark offering job opportunities to 1,2000 youngsters, of which majority will be recruited from the state itself. Being the first to complete building construction in 7,00,000 sq.fts of area at Phase II campus, the company provides rich infrastructure in terms of IT office facilities, cafeteria, gymnasium, running tracts, open air theater etc. facilitating occupancy of 6000 employees. But, this is just the first phase of the completion while the following construction plans will include extending two more buildings, enabling residence of 12,000 employees.

The company is planning to be inaugurated by the month of August. At present, cognizant is employing 3400 employees at Infopark, Kochi, which can hire more than 16,000 IT professionals in the near future in Kochi alone. As 50% of the IT professionals employed in Cognizant are women, the girl students from engineering colleges in the state have the greatest advantages.

Cognizant with 2.2 lakh employees, have branches in 11 major cities in the country. “We are not only recruiting students from engineering colleges in the state, but also from arts, science and commerce background” said Cognizant official.

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