Bike to the Mountains” Cycle Rally from Fort Kochi to Munnar

Look around in society and you will find schools without playgrounds and you will also not find children playing outdoors. Go to a school during a physical training (PT) class and you will find children sitting and watching others – an exemption based on requests from parents that their children are sickly. The net effect is that there is a new generation of ’broiler children’. Remember, physical ruggedness is the platform for mental strength.

Today’s easy and effective option for physical ruggedness is to cycle, to cycle, to cycle…. This is an excellent form of exercise, second to swimming. Many modern houses and gyms have tread mills and cycles. This again brings out the relevance of exercise by cycling. Cycling is like a double edged sword – bicycles provide the required exercise and it also serves as a means of transport/mobility. In the past and even today, statistics from China reveals that China has the least percentage of inpatients (IP). This is attributed to the wide use of bicycles and cycling by common man. Needless to say, it proves that cycling is good for health and it reduces the risks of the common lifestyle diseases.

Pollution and its effects are a menace to society and the future will find it difficult to grapple with air pollution. Automobiles have become an essentiality for transport. But, it pollutes. Be selective in the choice of your mode of transport. If you can plan ahead, if you can manage your time and if the distance is reasonable, then bicycle should be the choice – bicycles are a green option in transportation for short distances.

Bicycles have been modernised to the extent that if one can afford, even geared cycles are available. There is no gender bias, in as much as, bicycles are designed specifically for women too. Do you expect wide roads in every nook and corner? There are places where even two/three wheelers cannot ply. It is there that the bicycle has the advantage. Don’t worry about the terrain. If you have just enough space and an acceptable level surface, bicycles with solid tyres could be the solace to avoid flat tubes and tyres. There are a host of advantages with the bicycle and it is affordable too.

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