Alappuzha at the threshold of an IT revolution

Alappuzha is all set to welcome a new phase of IT revolution, when Pallipuram in Cherthala becomes the next IT hub after Tech cities of Kochi and Trivandrum. With more than 30 companies and 400 employees, the smallest district of state, known for tourism has launched its mission to a promising future in technology and innovation as well.

It was an astonishing move for onlookers, when the IT giants handpicked this isolated village, lying 12 kms away from Chethala. The village is surrounded by water on three sides – in the east and west by Vembanad Lake and in the south by the Chenganda River. All basic and advanced requirements are met maximum enabling technical and general assistance. Computer and IT brain is all you need to start a company at Pallipuram Infopark that offers plug and play facilities.

Enormous support of Central and State Government is clearly visible from tax redemptions in different fields. In the first phase of construction, four storeys of 2.4 lakh sq. feet were built. The companies are allowed to occupy 250 to 5000 sq. feet of available space. Apart from these, spaces are allotted for canteen, cafeteria, conference hall etc.

Mr. Anoop Park, one of the successful IT professionals and the CEO of Webna Solutions, expressed his absolute optimism about the future of the company. Started off as a small firm with 4 workers, he now owns a company with 66 employees. Being the head of one of the earliest companies of Infopark, he said that most of the employees prefer shifting to a calm and serene atmosphere than working in a busy city. Boby Kuryakose, who worked abroad in IT field for many years and has recently, shifted to Pallipuram Infopark shares his thoughts on the possibility of high opportunities in various sectors with minimum cost, due to the rural locality of the company. This is a big advantage for emerging small companies to have a jump start in their career.

Nearness to Kochi, which is on its long term goal of Smart city, is a big factor that attracts more companies to Pallipuram. The village is emerging widely from its silent atmosphere to all kinds of viabilities. The settlement which was once a deserted area with a few coffee shops is now cascading with luxurious hotels, paying guest accommodations, hostels and much more. However transportation remains as a visible disregarded issue which needs enough attention. Employees who don’t own vehicles find difficulty in transportation as the ordinary vehicle services are minimal through this route, and hence are supported Infopark transportation facilities. The problem of transportation is yet to be resolved in near future.

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