A cute space in the smart space


Infopark Kochi briefs the near vista of techy world; the real hub of techy giants who rule out the entire cosmos of IT intelligence. It’s evident that thousands of techies hold on to their favorite workstation not just because of his efficiency and high scope in their bright career but also the tech hub offers all convenience for a comfortable living.

When the entire tech hub is drenched in the IT marine, there is a part of Infopark, which is filled with dazzling smiles and innocent eyes of cute little tots. Cresh, the day care center is set exclusively for techy babies in this IT hub. Now the young parents are completely free from anticipations ad worries regarding the safety and well-being of their kids in their absence. Most of the inmates of this tech hub are youngsters who can safely send their kids to this day care center during their working hours.

The kids are entertained, educated and enriched with childhood values and behavior with well-trained tutors and caretakers. From 6-month-old tiny tot to 6 year old kids are given admission in Cresh with individual attention and care. The advanced training and playing facilities along with efficient guidance children are able to set their wings for initial fly in the long journey.

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